Description: Light, positive, on-going scientific theme. Warm and beautiful with a hint of concern. Features fluid gentle electronic pulse rhythms with swelling voices and orchestral string section. Ideal for hi-tech, science, medical, documentary. Main mix, underscore, string mix and 30sec versions

Description: Fresh, sparkling and crisp new landscape, after a fall of snow. Icicles glistening in the watery sunshine. Main mix, atmos mix, 40 and 30 sec versions.

Description: Wonderous, soaring, soundscape of the natural world. Features South American pan pipes, fluttering breath pipe effects and acoustic guitar. Main mix, plus 30 and 10 sec versions

Description: Powerful, undulating, low synth drone. Opens with a soft hitting boom, sliding into a gently throbbing bass drone. Great for production, underscoring a voice-over where no melody or rhythm is required, and visuals. Can be used with additional percussion hits and production effects. Extendable

Description: Ethereal light soundscape. Beautiful atmospheric vision of the wonders of the natural world. Zoom in close as the seasons change and plant life develops and grows. Features light con sordino strings. Perfect for nature documentaries, drama and radio and television commercials. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Dark, cold and foreboding journey into a crime-ridden underworld. The main mix features a lead electric guitar and is perfect for a detective style theme. Whereas the underscore provides a rhythmic pulsating dirty and atmospheric backdrop or accompaniment. Perfect for drama, documentary and TV. Main, 60,30 and sting, main and underscore mixes

Description: Beautiful, slowly drifting, floaty vista. Wondrously warm atmosphere with acoustic guitar and panpipe figures. Creates a wonderfully rich relaxing soundscape depicting views of a tropical rain forest or underwater vista. Perfect for nature, documentary, relaxation or therapy treatments. Main and 30sec

Description: Grisly, dark, horrific subterranean soundscape. Keeps you gripping the edge of your seat - the anticipation of something nasty. Non-musical backdrop of sound design and fx, perfect for film, documentary, drama, horror experiences, ghost trains, exhibitions and halloween. Lighter mix also available

Description: Electronic, graceful, gently floating ambience or soundscape. Features warm soft drone, electronic communication fx and distorted voice fx. Great for space travel, galaxies beyond, looking back to earth etc. 60sec

Description: Broad soundscape, with pulsing and cresendos. Ideal for factual and documentary from microbiology to ancient history. Main mix, 60 and 20 sec versions

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