Description: Upbeat arrangement of pianos, synthesizers and percussion suggested to underscore scenes of contemporary family life, positive workplace sequences, workouts and other ambient applications.

Description: Atmospheric ambient background perfect for business, commercial, slideshow, success, successful, technology videos.

Description: Human life is ephemeral in an eternal source of creation

Description: Ambient electronica piece with subtle piano melody, and sequenced textures in a moody, sombre atmosphere with persistant rhythms and melancholic string counter melodies.

Description: Broke8ball ॐ - Patch.mp3

Description: Lyrical, romantic, sad and nostalgic ambient glitch theme. Airy piano, atmospheric pads, light percussion and ethereal synthesizers create a mood of dreaminess, bright memories, cleanliness and tranquility. Perfect for corporate presentations, sound illustration, jingle, trailer, ident, logo

Description: Light positive and cheerful logo

Description: A beautiful slow paced, minimal ambient track created to inspire, with a soft piano, gentle music box and delicate strings holding the composition together. Perfect for use in films, documentaries, inspirational videos or any project needing a gentle, peaceful and heartwarming yet motivational background.

Description: Music piece with contemplative melodies and groovy percussion. Suitable as background music for documentaries, films, videos, and more. This track loops seamlessly.

Description: A delicate, melodic piece filled with elegance and pouring emotion. Grand piano, acoustic guitar and strings. Perfect for romance scene.

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