Description: Sensual, sophisticated ambient electronic track with cool organ, acoustic guitar, synth pads and modern groove.

Description: Ambient electronic track with an deep, mysterious feel.

Description: A modern, futuristic ambient electronic track with light, spacious synths and effects.

Description: New Age spacious, ambient track with subtle synths, bells and light percussion. Calm, open and atmospheric.

Description: Inspirational ambient piece with piano, cool beat and sweeping synth pads

Description: Soulful R&B/Hip Hop ballad with cool beat, organ and light synths. Light, ambient arrangements.

Description: Modern ambient electronic track with synths, bells, flowing strings and cool hip hop beat.

Description: Melancholic, peaceful track with piano, pads and guitar - reminisant of a rainy day!

Description: Ambient Electronic track with mysterious synths and light percussion. Very atmospheric.

Description: Ambient electronic track with spacey synths and pads.

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