Description: Beautiful, atmospheric, dreamy, introspective, serene, reflective, moody, solemn, somber, sedate piano & strings soundscape. conjures up images of a Russian winter, ice & snow all around. ethereal & thought provoking. would suit dramatic cinematic filmic or romantic type projects. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Ethereal Music

Description: Simple, light acoustic guitars dueling with a Spanish sound and feel of walking down a dirt road with the countryside on both sides of you.

Description: Meditative and very positive music played the harp.

Description: comforting, optimistic, playful,violin, acoustic guitars, hand percussion.

Description: 60 second loop that is light, breezy, and pretty with a positive, unassuming feel. The acoustic guitar keeps it down to earth while in contrast the electric piano is bell-like and ethereal

Description: Do you need a moment all to yourself? Let your customers indulge in this moment. They will relax and unwind as they listen to this lovely song. . It’s a relaxed piece with a sense of urgency featuring pulsating acoustic guitars. It can easily play in a spa or retail store as background music. It also sets a carefree and relaxed tone for a product, service or movie scene

Description: Atmospheric piano piece. It can work great as calming intro or background.

Description: Very full but Tranquil Acoustic Guitar Music