Description: Slow, mournful and sad piano and cello underscore. Images of the aftermath of war, death and destruction. Smouldering heaps of rubble, no signs of life, a flattened landscape. Features sparse rhythmic piano, solo cello and sordino strings. Perfect for documentary, drama, news TV and history. Main, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: reflection, romantic, guitar classic

Description: pleasant, elated,uplifting, positive

Description: peaceful, relaxed, dreamy, mellow, guitar, acoustic

Description: An acoustic track that gives the feeling of relaxation and calmness. Perfect background music. Friendly, live acoustic guitars that create a happy feeling. Bright live instrumental. Suitable for all kinds of presentations and commercials.

Description: uplifting, positive, bold, confident,

Description: Carefree Laid Back Pleasant Traveling Light Slower Tempo

Description: Fun Happy Pleasant Happy Fun Positive

Description: ethereal , action, walking , landscape , guitar

Description: strange, hodge podge, sharing, fast walking, landscape,

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