Description: An atmospheric introduction builds to a pulsing electronic groove depicting a futuristic, sci-fi scene.

Description: Mid to uptempo rocker with similarities to Beach House and New Order. Dreamy keyboard and synth lines, with aggressive drumming.

Description: Mixed-tempo, starts off with dreamy synths and a hard beat...turns more aggressive...someone is looking for answers and finding resolve.

Description: Uptempo, exuberant, life affirming rock...will remind of Big Country.

Description: Piano intro reminiscent of "Let It Be", sad but assertive meditative reflection on a relationship going south.

Description: Spacey synth intro leads to some New Order-ish percussion and lead melody line.

Description: Dreamy, hypnotic intro with synth and guitar, joined by violin and cello. Down to midtempo meditation on life and hope for a better tomorrow.

Description: Bright, uptempo rocker with dramatic intro...Will remind of The Killers and The Replacements.

Description: Mid to uptempo rocker with some similarity to Beach House and New Order. Hypnotic main melody with aggressive drumming.

Description: Uptempo rocker with some wild guitar lines going on in the background.