Description: Reminisce back to the 90's when happy and sad music mixed into one, the internet was booming, and long hair was still considered rebelling in this easy going yet driving acoustic alternative rock piece. Think of Hootie and the Blowfish, Collective Soul, and Pearl Jam all mixed together in a funny happy, yet slightly melancholic, jam session and this song is what you get.

Description: Melodic, minor key spacey modern rock track with male vocals and female harmonies.

Description: 90's Progressive Funky Dance Catchy Vocals

Description: cool, alternative rock.

Description: Hooky, spacey rock track with male and female vocals and harmonies.

Description: A breath of bracing mountain air courses through this inspirational uplifting ode to the American Rockies. Electric guitars, bass, drums.

Description: Very catchy rock track with big distorted guitars and powerful drums. Good for energy, rythm, power, positive.

Description: This extreme, energetic, powerful, hardcore and catchy alternative rock track. It starts with heavy guitar riff and continues with active, high-powered, dynamic drum beat and bass sound. Track will be perfect for different needs, as a soundtrack for action, extreme, sports , racing or fighting videos, games, films

Description: Expressive alt rock theme. A clean track communicating youthful maturity.