Description: Slow rock/pop track with slide guitar and relaxed vibe.

Description: Piano intro reminiscent of "Let It Be", sad but assertive meditative reflection on a relationship going south.

Description: Spacey synth intro leads to some New Order-ish percussion and lead melody line.

Description: Cool, groovy alternative Rock track with solid drum/bass groove and tasteful guitars. Slight melancholic atmosphere.

Description: Edgy, driving, fuzzy, raw grooves for guitar, bass and drums.

Description: Instrumental alternative rock/pop song with upbeat catchy keyboard chorus

Description: Fun instrumental alternative-grunge-roots-classic rock.

Description: Fun instrumental alternative-grunge-roots-classic rock.

Description: Light emotional istrumental with an energetic, upbeat feel

Description: An uplifting Indie track with a driving beat. Creates a cool feeling with dynamic changes. indie, pop, rock, advertisement, corporate, commercials, presentation, promotion, Modern, Contemporary, motivating, Motivational, Uplifting, Hopeful, optimistic, positive, successful, uplifting, inspiring, inspirational, Confident, achievement, rhythmic, bright, light, plain, cool, easy, energetic, powerful, driving