Description: Lonesome, piano-driven song about escaping to the desert and death being around the corner.

Description: A song of longing and absence inspired by Springsteen. Talk of New York and lots of imagining what goes on there.

Description: Piano and drum driven melancholy pop song about social anxiety disorder.

Description: Gentle lullaby-like tune about the banal lives of saints, angels, and God.

Description: Radiohead-esque song about the end of society as it is taken over 1984-style by facists. Funky groove to the first half, noisy and aggressive breakdown at end.

Description: Dark and lonesome song with a quasi-country vibe to it, this track is about what you want being stolen from you by a "friend".

Description: Starts soft, then explodes into an amazing wall of sound. Lyrically ambiguous, but delivering a message of returning home over an amazing, huge bed of sound.

Description: Sad song about loss, betrayal, and the inevitable end of a relationship. Electric guitar and a heavy string section drive this minor key piece. Instrumentation reminiscent of the Beatles.

Description: Rocking track in 6/8 time with lovely lyrics about what the other person means to you. garage rocker with thumping toms, distorted guitar, and driving bass.

Description: A spacious guitar intro leads to galloping rhythm guitars with a grooving bass riff on top of smashing rock drums, finished out with 80's style lead guitar.

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