Description: Electronic Dance Tune with electric guitar perfect for fashion, technology, on the road, corporate and location visual media.

Description: Steady, sleazy, four-to-the-floor light rhythmic electronic dance / house track. Features occasional male voice 'Oh yeah' punctuations, electonic drums & hand claps, synths. Great for Adult entertainment, underworld, night clubs etc. Main mix, underscore (without male voice), stripped down mix & 30sec version

Description: Experimental rock/electronic hybrid featuring synthesizers, drums, wagner bass drum, panpipe, solo dinuba, bass guitar, electric guitars

Description: Classy, sophisticated house funky music track. Would fit advertising, audio branding, club music and lounge

Description: Making Moves is an uptempo instrumental track about a single mother defying the odds.

Description: Specially mixed and EQ.d to allow maximum presence for the instructor.Tae-Bo Basic Tempo.

Description: Fast, Upbeat, Pop, Island, Club, Dj, South America, Fun, Dance, Fashion, Style, runway, model, Twerk, Twerking, Booty, Shaking, Latin percussion, electro synths, Deep Bass, TV, Film, video, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: in the electric city life never stops

Description: You have no more room in your aerobics class. Word as gotten out that your class is the most stylish, the place to be.

Description: Positive energy piano big room anthem, very dynamic, melodic with an unforgettable melody on the electro side of things! Lots of fun!