Description: Great melody, beautiful, melodic, instrumental. Suitable for use as background music in the video, screensaver or game. The basic style - instrumental. Divide into sections of funk, pop, blues, R & B, Classic, relaxation, fitness, jazz, aerobics, rock, ethno

Description: Dreamy Island is a beautiful track plays soft upright piano, orchestral strings, sweet bells, pure bass and strong drums. Good for advertising, corporate videos and tv.

Description: High energy song for fitness and workout, with choruses and electric guitar riff, in an original and modern dance style!

Description: A custom created work-out track at jogging pace which elevates to a running speed and back to jogging, then elevates to running once more, and back to jogging. Make the most of your workout by using music with pace enhancement!

Description: The Asoma Workout Intervals 2 is a complete 25 min workout.. From warm up to cardio this will help you burn fat and loose weight. Use the full set 01 Asoma Workout Int2 02 Asoma Workout Int2 03 Asoma Workout Int2 04 Asoma Workout Int2

Description: A feel good dancy tune that builds up with the lyrics "you give me feeling" repeating. Rejoice!

Description: Classy, sophisticated house music track. Would fit advertising, audio branding, club music, lounge

Description: Good driving upbeat music for workout or just having some fun. Cool breakdown in the middle adds mystery.

Description: Funny and positive music with sweet merry melody reminds children's cartoon movies. Reccomended for TV or radio shows.

Description: Motivated & triumphant Olympic theme great for exercise and sporting events. 60 seconds.