Description: Lyrical background music about dreams of love

Description: Simple and easy rhythmic background music

Description: Uptempo High Energy Techno is a fast paced electronic track with drum breaks, bass, bells, strings and synths. Thank you for supporting my music. This track is registered on ContentId, if you receive a copyright notice in Youtube you can dispute it by providing the AudioMicro license information.

Description: This driving synthesized track mixes classic retro 80s synths with modern ones and 80s styled drums to create a punchy song full of energy and groove. 125 bpm, C minor/Ab Major/F Major.

Description: Sunset in archaic electronic sound of 20th century

Description: Pleasant rhythmic electronic music in an archaic style. Back to 20th century

Description: Music of movement and energy. Archaic musical sound

Description: Moonlight in a positive electronic melody. 20th century archaic musical sound

Description: Mega love in the form of old electronic music. Archaic musical sound

Description: Classic game loop that can be used in a range of different ways in applications or games.