Description: Fast driving workout music featuring a full bodied pulsating synthesizer ensemble and powerful trance drum grooves to get you up and moving so you can burn off that flab and get into shape..

Description: Positive dancing track with breaks rhytmics and nice energetyc melodyes. Emotional, "sensual" composition, with a thin "sincere" basis in a melody both powerful power in beat and synthetic sounds. The track is written in program Reason, with use MIDI-Keyboard (live playing). At track creation are used as sampled sounds of "live" instruments, and sounds of program synthesizers.

Description: Driving, soaring, modern cardio fusion rock track featuring intelligent guitar lead, wicked thumpin and pumpin bass, killer funky drumming and intricately weaving synths forming an intense atmospheric blend of sound that will get you moving.

Description: Filmic underscore that is a perfect match for triller,

Description: Good driving upbeat music for workout or just having some fun. Cool breakdown in the middle adds mystery.

Description: Bright and groovy theme creating a great atmosphere of a summer day at the beach, holiday parties, relaxation and luxury.

Description: Heavy days and heavy workouts. But you will not give up on the road to perfection. Breathe deeper! The track is perfect for gym advertising, sports nutrition advertising, dance videos, fitness videos, sexy videos, games, ringtones and more.

Description: Dancing and joy! Sports and full life! The track sounds a little bit sexy. The track used electronic drums, keyboards and sound effects. The track is perfect for gym advertising, sports nutrition advertising, dance videos, games, ringtones and more.

Description: A powerful, exciting and inspiring electronic track with a strong modern pop feel. This lively energetic arrangement features synth tune, glockenspiel, bells, atmospheric pads, warm bass and fresh electro beat. This motivating piece of music would be great for background video use, especially in science and technolgy marketing promo videos, projects related to nature, design, fashion and art, web advertisement, lifestyle product videos, as well as multimedia training material, explainer videos or animation.

Description: This is a powerful dance Sport Drive Loop 60s techno club composition with exciting sound, which include driving guitars, different bright catchy synths, bass, dance drums, coating pads, clock fx etc…This track can be used anywhere – in games and movies, presentations, news, telecasts, about nature, space, as a music, background for arcade war battle computer games and emotional movies, as a musical background for advertisement, business commercial websites 1min, 60s, achievement, action, advertising, aggressive, angry, battle, bouncy, bright, club, club music, commercial, competition, confident, cool, corporate, dance, dance music, driving, electronic, energetic, extreme, fast, game, hard, hi tech, high tech, inspirational, intense, intro, loop, loud, modern, motivational, music, news, noise, old style, opening, powerful, pumping, sport, sport action, sport show, strong, techno, uplifting, video game, heavy, looping, fast