Description: Industrial, robotic and heavy danger sound. Very useful to use in any kind of project like business and marketing, presentations, openings, video display, after effect projects, games, websites, corporate and commerce works, intros, logo or ident works, film trailer and TV projects...

Description: summer carnival or circus in town

Description: Medium tempo electronic reggae-style dance/trance groove.

Description: Drum feature, dance, aerobic routine, driving, up beat, world percussion

Description: High energy aerobic, exciting, rave floor feel

Description: Bass bomb, dance rap, hard driving, aerobic workout

Description: Cool, easy and fresh Lounge Track. Good background music for aerobics and workouts, or to present something in a good mood.

Description: Piano, bass guitar, vibes, drums, additional percussion and strings play energetic arrangement suggested for exercise routines, corporate Powerpoint presentations, Flash animations. Also for urban nightlife sequences. Key of G minor

Description: A infectious beat with a phat bassline.

Description: Start with a simple synth bass groove and a ribbiting frog effect and keep adding drums, guitars and synths and you get a song that feels like it keeps pushing you faster and faster. Use this for workout or motivational corporate music and you are bound to get your audience excited about something.