Description: Classy, sophisticated house music track. Would fit advertising, audio branding, club music, lounge

Description: Good driving upbeat music for workout or just having some fun. Cool breakdown in the middle adds mystery.

Description: Bright and groovy theme creating a great atmosphere of a summer day at the beach, holiday parties, relaxation and luxury.

Description: Dancing and joy! Sports and full life! The track sounds a little bit sexy. The track used electronic drums, keyboards and sound effects. The track is perfect for gym advertising, sports nutrition advertising, dance videos, games, ringtones and more.

Description: Energetic, stylish, funky fashion theme with wah guitar, synth bass, organ, steady rhythm and brass punctuations. Ideal for Live fashion shows, awards and presentations. Main mix, 60, 60u/score, 30, 30u/score and 10sec versions.

Description: Perfect workout dance tracks, pumping beat, great synth riff. The perfect companion to a gym, spinning or heavy aerobic session Will also fit sports trailer, advertising and commercail

Description: An acoustic guitar pop rock track describing bright positive and inspiring atmosphere. This piece of music was composed and performed with passion and soul, so it will bring to your video or slideshow project a lot of unforgettable romantic feelings!

Description: A dance track with elements of disco, trance and house. It combines an ethereal vibe with multiple synthesizers and a driving club beat. The track works well as background for dance club scenes and can be used for aerobics and workout videos and more broadly for ads -- cars in particular -- that want to convey a cool, hip and modern feel.

Description: Dreamy Island is a beautiful track plays soft upright piano, orchestral strings, sweet bells, pure bass and strong drums. Good for advertising, corporate videos and tv.