Description: Hardcore, electronic, Euro-dance pop track. Mid-tempo dark, pumping, sleazy Euro beats - Perfect for Adult entertainment, nightlife or just simply dance. Features solid electronic beats & full fat sounding synths. Full mix, underscore, 30sec & 30sec underscore versions.

Description: Making Moves is an uptempo instrumental track about a single mother defying the odds.

Description: Big, pumping and powerful dance track with a strong anthem theme that is great for motivating visuals and upbeat productions. Confident and contemporary, this uplifting electronic chart track is determined, positive, proud and pumping that will have your listeners jumping and dancing as if they were in the night club. Great for credits, disco scenes, dj, fashion, idents, openers and summer pop videos that need a house track in background.

Description: Early Acid House style dance track, with bubbling 303 acid climax and progressive drum groove. Fairly mellow with an uplifting feel

Description: funky groove, breathy vocals, falling horns, crunchy electric guitar, majestic bridge.

Description: Fast driving workout music featuring a full bodied pulsating synthesizer ensemble and powerful trance drum grooves to get you up and moving so you can burn off that flab and get into shape..

Description: Dynamic and fresh sounding, this is a lively and upbeat synth track. It has a strong pulsating beat that drives the track.

Description: Positive dancing track with breaks rhytmics and nice energetyc melodyes. Emotional, "sensual" composition, with a thin "sincere" basis in a melody both powerful power in beat and synthetic sounds. The track is written in program Reason, with use MIDI-Keyboard (live playing). At track creation are used as sampled sounds of "live" instruments, and sounds of program synthesizers.

Description: Driving, soaring, modern cardio fusion rock track featuring intelligent guitar lead, wicked thumpin and pumpin bass, killer funky drumming and intricately weaving synths forming an intense atmospheric blend of sound that will get you moving.

Description: Filmic underscore that is a perfect match for triller,