Description: Uplifting and bouncy track with funny ukulele, bells, claps and marimba. Suitable for any commercial videos or presentations.

Description: Funny and positive track with cheerful pianos, horns and drums. Great backround to advertising or shows.

Description: Corporate uplifting motivational track with beautiful piano, orchestral strings, pads and shakers. Great music for corporate videos, advertisement, presentations or other commercial projects.

Description: Island beat with etheral background. Great for fire dancers!

Description: Electric guitar and synth play upbeat melody accompanied by bass guitar, drums, piano, strings and percussion. Suggested for underscoring of positive, progressive, triumphant scenes and energetic, carefree lifestyle sequences, celebrations of accomplishment. Key of E flat

Description: Electric guitar piece. Works great as background

Description: Drum feature, dance, aerobic routine, driving, up beat, world percussion

Description: High energy aerobic, exciting, rave floor feel

Description: Bass bomb, dance rap, hard driving, aerobic workout

Description: This is cool and funky song. Can be used as a n introduction for any project or short films.