Royalty Free Sci-fi Sound Effects


 What was it about 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars' that made these films so special to the people? Apart from the story and the visual grandeur, what made these films 'ground-breaking' in the arena of sci-fi films were the sound effects ! The fantastic sounds of space ships hovering around, the enigmatic and at-times eerie voices of the aliens, the 'beep' sound fx of space ship buttons, etc. made the films terrific, not only to watch but also to listen to! Such became their popularity that they were immediately recognized once played or used in any venture, be it a project, a spoof or a radio play. This made sci-fi sound effects a tool for promoting one's project and an aid to popularize it among the target audience group. 


But the main glitch in using such music or sound effects from Star Wars or sci-fi films is that they have been covered by very strict copyright laws. Thus, for small scale project developers or film makers, using these sci-fi sound effects is a headache. This is because one either has to pay a hefty sum to purchase these sound effects from the copyright holders or have to seek legal permission for the same to implement the sound fx in their venture. But there is a simpler solution that has come up with the advent of the internet -  online portals that offer royalty free music


Most of these online  free music sites offer royalty free music and stock audio, but if you need the optimum quality of sound effects and stock music at an equally affordable price, chooseAudioMicro. We offer quality value-for-money products, as our reserve of stock music boasts of quality as well as quantity. The diverse range of stock music products and free audio clips also include the rare sci-fi sound effects that are almost equal in quality and innovation as the original 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars' sound effects. These sound fx and  music cues for sci-fi oriented projects are made by our experienced team of stock musicians and are mastered by our equally expert audio engineers. This frees you from the hassles of producing inept sci-fi sound effects on your own or hiring expensive professional services to do the same. 


We also offer sample downloads for free, which you can acquire and then listen to. This ensures that you are assured about our quality of products and only then move in to a concrete business deal. With so many advantages, along with the security of using sci-fi sound effects without risking infringement of copyright laws, Audio Micro should be your ideal choice for the source of free music requirements!


We also offer various other similar  royalty free music and stock audio, which can be used in your projects. These include products as varied as exit music for films to royalty free bass drum sounds! As you can see, no matter how vague or subjective your project's music requirements might be, AudioMicro has a ready made solution for you, albeit at an affordable price!