Description: Upright bass, drums and percussion play syncopated moody patterns in 99 second loop suggested to underscore scenes of espionage, mystery.

Description: Beautiful jazz ballad. Slow romantic melody with drums, bass and piano. Sentimental calm piece that gives you warm feeling and a bit nostalgic mood. This music track is great for commercials, tv or radio shows, movies.

Description: This jazz music track makes you think about some family celebration, festive dinner or party of ladies and gentlemen. Sparkling glasses, smilies and beautiful people in dinner jackets and evening dresses. Created with drums, bass, piano and strings, it is a perfect choice for a background of a tv or radio show, commercial or other media project.

Description: Cheerful jazz piece with positive carefree atmosphere. Imagine summer day somewhere where thw weather is sunny all the year. Drums, bass, piano, vibes and synths help to create light happy melody

Description: Beautiful jazz music track perfect for dance parties, romantic evenings, dates. Love and passion are in the air. We created with piece with drums, bass, piano, accordion and strings. Great choice for movie scenes, commercials and more.

Description: Acoustic piano, bass, electric guitar and drums play improvised arrangement inspired by traditional jazz and blues.

Description: This jazz composition is perfect for comic and eccentric videos or movies. The rhythm section of drums and double bass complements clarinet, piano and brass.

Description: Slow Jazz Soothing and Calm, played by piano, saxophone and muted trumpet. Very relaxing and nice, very good for urban scenes in projects.

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