Description: Mid-tempo, gospel feeling jazz track with sax and keys.

Description: traditional jazz folk tune performed by saxophone quartet.

Description: traditional mexican tune performed by saxophone quartet.

Description:      Funky-lounge track with playful sax solo, funky guitars. Perfect for use in commercial, inspiration, romantic videos, advertisements etc.

Description: Jazzy-chillout track with memorable guitar solo, muted trumpet, wah-wah guitars, acoustic guitars and mix of acoustic brush drums and filtered drumloops. St.Claude is perfect for use in romantic playful videos, advertisements etc. Thanks for listening, rating and purchasing-)

Description: Jazzy-chillout track with tremolo guitars, nice filtered pad, thoughtful bass and beautifull jazzy muted trumpet. "Third Path" perfect for use in calm nostalgy videos, advertisements etc.  

Description: Full Version--Midtempo Jazz/Fusion instrumental reminiscent of Weather Report, featuring soprano sax and guitar solos starting softly and then building into full funky rock sections. Fits TV movie of the week intro/outro sections under credits... promotions for autos, travel, vacations, fine restaurant dining, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Jazz Fusion

Description: Uptempo Jazz/Fusion/Latin tinged instrumental with explosive electric guitar and tenor sax solos with a bridge in double time. Fits well with party or dance club scenes, and promotions for vacations, travel, accompanying sports events, beer ads, car ads, underscoring for TV/movies & theme songs.

Description: Midtempo light guitar-driven Contemporary Jazz instrumental applicable for children's toys, fashion, games and products relating to kids. Also works for computer sites and applications, smart phones, travel commercials, hotel accomodations, and car commercials depicting wind-in-your-hair type scenes

Description: Midtempo guitar-driven Contemporary Jazz instrumental with Latin Jazz overtones. Can be used effectively for travel commercials, luggage, hotel accomodations, vacations, fine dining and dancing, fine wine, female fashion and accessories, auto commercials, road trip scenarios.