Description: A busy acoustic Christmas track with nice picking and strumming guitars. It has great pace and energy.

Description: A nice Christmas track highlighted by acoustic guitars, accordion, sleigh bells and brushes.

Description: An upbeat Christmas track with moving acoustic guitars, accordion melodies, sleigh bells and drums.

Description: Jingle Bells like you haven't heard before. A fun quirky arrangement with sleigh bells, retro organ, casio drums and percussion.

Description: A slow moving Christmas track with pretty acoustic guitar parts, sleigh bells and laid back drums.

Description: A pretty and laid back Christmas track with nice acoustic guitars, accordion, sleigh bells and brushes.

Description: Holiday, Christmas, Classical, Public Domain, Comtemplative, Somber, Eerie, Underscore, Americana, Traditional, Standard, Reflective, Prayer

Description: A melodic and quirky Christmas-style piece with charming orchestral arrangements and beat. Great for comedy/children's scenes.

Description: Uplifting Christmas-style track with happy-go-lucky feel

Description: Public Domain Christmas Song "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" with a rock beat. This version uses electronic bell sounds to lead, and a tubular bell occasionally to add to the effect. Part way through, the song builds with orchestral string accompaniment and then for the third section, trumpets join in. Ideal for use on Christmas E-cards, seasonal phone holding music, games, DVD title screens etc.