Description: Beautiful arrangement of an old classic. Perfect for background music.

Description: Want a hip and swanky Christmas underscore? Holiday spirit abounds in this song. A wonderful contemporary jazz piece is infused with jingle bells to make a subtle and invigorating Christmas song. It will energize your holiday shoppers. This underscore features jingle bells, piano, upright bass and drums.

Description: A beautiful, sentimental, nostalgic, and peaceful Christmas-inspired. Ideal for a variety of Christmas projects, video, advertising, presentations. Perfect for images of Christmas Eve, gentle falling snow, warm fires, Christmas lights, and decorated trees.

Description: Horror themed fun track with strong melodies and classic spooky instrumentation. Creepy and up-tempo with retro horror style, it's quirky character is ideal for any haunting Halloween products that require an authentic creepy flavour.

Description: Quirky, light hearted & uplifting original festive theme with a nostalgic fun retro feel. Think jolly, jaunty & fun sleigh-ride. Features strings, bassoon, sleigh bells, temple-blocks, flute, glockenspiel & synth bells. Perfect for Christmas the way it used to be. Main mix, 60 & 30 and underscores.

Description: Chillout Instrumental Ambient Grooves Film Music Jazzy Lounge World

Description: Upbeat Christmas, Jingle, bells, trumpet, glockenspiel

Description: Traditional Christmas carol done orchestrally with a rockin' surf guitar.

Description: An atmospheric, haunting and dramatic orchestral Halloween track. Great for advertising, tv/video and film.