Description: Reflective but yet very hopeful mid tempo track in the style of Nicki Minaj’s Pills and Potions or Macklemore’s Same Love. Rich piano chords combined with sparse and gritty drums are the basis onto which lush strings and melodic bells are added. Despite its slighty melancholic touch this track can be highly useful for motivational and inspiring purposes.

Description: I just imagined a great starting day when you think you are the most coolest person in the world, so I created this track, it's inspired on hip hop beats...

Description: a Modern Synth Beat with choir,bell and synths.

Description: Real edgy and bold. hard hitting drums, dark and twisted

Description: A trip hop / hip hop track It is suspensful and confident.

Description: Super cool hip-hop instrumental. Laid back, funky, contemporary and cool, will suit soundtracking entertainment news programmes as a cue (Access Hollywood, E! etc), current affairs & music shows, and fit a TV commercial or spot perfectly. groovy, cool, sexy and fun. Instrumental Action Thriller hip-hop

Description: Very cool brooding slow strutting hip-hop. It reminds me of the scene where the hottest girl ever walks in - hence the title. Dramatic high-end production Hip-Hop, very cool and very contemporary. A worthy addition to any smokin scene, montage or TV ad. struts, saunters & smokes. Instrumental.

Description: Supercool and Superfly low down seventies funk influenced contemporary brooding hip-hop. Would suit the dramatic or tense thriller genre. Very suggestive of esionage or secrecy - think a cooler James Bond 007 Licenced to chill! low pianos and basses are joined by moog synth and growling synths. Instrumental Dramatic Hip Hop.

Description: Cheerful, happy and uplifting hip hop featuring guitar, piano, shamisen, strings and drums.