Description: Voice, Brass, Strings, Synth, Bass, Piano, Percussion, Drums, Hits, Cool, Bling, Party, Awards, Triumphant, Confident, Macho, Epic, Urban, Sexy

Description: A Drake type of Club Hip Hop Instrumental. A really heavy on the bass rap beat for rappers & singers with some swag. Simple and catchy melody, few percussions and a very huge low end to make the club go crazy.

Description: hip hop, rap, r&b, west coast, east coast, southern, club, nightclub, swagger, hot, party, cool, fun, fresh, poppin, hollywood, new york, girls, jay z, 50 cent, the game, weezy

Description: A Dark Hip-Hop Beat with choirs,bells,piano and some strings. The Beat is great for aggressive/scary stuff.

Description: An Emotional Instrumental with beautiful piano,synths and orchestral strings.

Description: Dark Chopped & Screwed style Hip Hop beat featuring synths, leads, bells, piano, & moderate bass. Possible uses can range from full songs, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: Hard hitting, epic hip hop instrumental great for a commercial, or action packed sequence. Thanks for listening and purchasing!

Description: Hip Hop / Soul / Rock Riddim Hip hop with 3 singers (rap / soul / rock ) Nice crossover ^^

Description: Police themed west coast rap beat

Description: hip hop, rap, trap, urban, doggy, dre, mc, dj, b-boy, street, glitch hop