Description: Eminem style Hip Hop instrumental that leaves you in a sense of strength, drive, & ambition.

Description: Charli XCX or Iggy Azalea Pop/Hip Hop style beat that makes you feel you were back in High School having fun, drinking, & partying with friends.

Description: Whiz Khalifa Hip Hop style beat that makes you feel happy, joyful, cheerful, feel-good music. Call up your friends and have a really good time around town cruising the city at night.

Description: 50 Cent style Hip Hop beat that makes you feel like hustling for paper, money chasing, or feeling of power.

Description: Low Rider, Dr. Dre, or The Game style Hip Hop beat. This street vibe instrumental makes you feel riding your Chevy Impala and hollering at the Hynas.

Description: Jadakiss or Ludacris style Hip Hop beat that makes you feel vibes with strength, struggle, or driven for a better life.

Description: Nipsey Hussle or Snoop Dogg style Hip Hop beat. Party, chilling, drinking, flirting, or just having fun describes this West Coast banger type instrumental.

Description: Snoop Dogg or Eastsidaz style gangsta beat that makes you feel hanging in the hood, chilling with the homies, gang bangin, or cruising deep strapped up looking for trouble.

Description: Mobb Deep or YG style Hip Hop beat that makes you feel agitated, revengeful, angry, or wanting to do some dirt. East Coast or West Coast style instrumental would go perfect for gangsta rappers.

Description: 50 Cent or Jay-Z style hustler type beat that makes you feel power, money, women, & lifestyles of success-wealthy.