Description: Sparse drum loop with matching bass stabs and simple melodic flourishes. Background music or a neutral sounding music bed for video, TV, radio or video game production.

Description: Southern style energetic beat centered around a catchy guitar loop that would fit as either a mixtape track or background music for a trailer or promo. The deep bass will rattle the speakers and the urgent sounding guitar loops drive the beat and give it a sense of general bad-ass-ness.

Description: The snare will smack you across the face in this beat as the vocal samples make you think of old school soul. Simple, but bright and full of pent up energy, this track fits as an introduction to a video or radio show or as the background to a commercial.

Description: This is an epic hip hop track but is also perfect for that TV or movie trailer, mixtape promotional video or radio mixshow theme. The classical harpsichord melody is countered by banging percussion, a steady drum pattern and grand choir vocals. There is a lot to hear in this beat and it's a ride from start to finish.

Description: Dark and menacing, but energetic drum break based hip hop beat. The loop is simple but effective and can be used as soundtrack music or for freestyles. Radio DJs and video producers alike will benefit from this beat as will rappers who just have so much to say and want to say it all. Slight old school west coast flavor with a touch of the east coast streets.

Description: This epic track brings together the relentless hard hitting drums and percussion of hip hop with the orchestral power of a movie soundtrack. It's packed with energy and drama and is crying out to be included in a movie trailer or suspenseful scene. Think guns blazing, explosions and people dropping from helicopters - the strings and horns on this one will have you short of breath by the end.

Description: This beat brings to mind sipping some cool drink by the pool with girls splashing in the water... until a fight breaks out and things get a little out of control. It's a perfect laid back summer jam in the making, and can also do as commercial or promotional music for the latest party.

Description: You could definitely say this beat was different. Simple yet catchy, this guitar riff would be right at home in an old time spy movie or a modern urban circus. The drums give it strength and some chords are thrown in for extra color. Try this one as background music for a reality show where someone is up to no good.

Description: This track is all about drama and action. It could provide a powerful backdrop for any rapper who wants to feel like they have a whole orchestra and choir behind them. Introduce your crew of heroes with this track and let it set the scene as their feats of skill are displayed. The deep horns, sad pianos and choir vocals and epic drums and strings will keep you on the edge of your seat with this one.

Description: All the suspense and action of a brawl in the club, a police chase through the streets and a car chase/shoot out is packed inside this best. This mean loop has the feel of an alarm that you can nod your head to. It represents danger and keeps the heart pumping throughout the whole scene. If this were included in an old school side scrolling action video game it would be the end of the level boss theme.