Description: This short little piece of music is played on an acoustic guitar with a pick, and creates a happy feel. It reminds you of a folk or country type song. Suitable as a stinger, intro, or logo reveal audio.

Description: Approximately one minute track with an ending chord featuring acoustic guitars, piano, and latin percussion with a positive, morning, upbeat feel. Reminiscent of a Saturday market in a bustling city on a bright summer morning. Perfect for background music for corporate or personal presentations.

Description: Featuring brightly strummed and picked acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano, bass and drums, this song is very upbeat, bouncy, and feel good. Evokes images of achieving a successful milestone or project. Perfect for background music for any kind of video application.

Description: 60 second loop featuring two lightly picked acoustic guitars, a piano, bass and drums. Straight ahead rhythm that drives at a moderate pace. The song has a very positive, moving ahead feel - it feels good! The melody is strong but unobtrusive - perfect for background music for radio, television, film, webcasts, corporate or personal presentations. Loops seamlessly.

Description: Great upbeat banjo and mandolin instrumental! From traditional American and Irish fiddle tunes.

Description: Slow haunting swampy with hand drums and a serious pleading vocal and cello harmonic drone. Solo male vocals lend a sense of poignancy.

Description: Featuring acoustic guitars, piano, and french horn, this song conveys an uplifting feeling of completion and success. Drives well but is medium paced and mellow at the same time.