Description: Magical and Medieval music, adventure theme, an awakened dream Into the fantasy world of fairies

Description: A fast paced ethnic and techno hybrid piece with a racing beat. Sweeping synth and African style wooden tuned percussion combine to hypnotise over a long intro section, before an upfront hardcore synth riff is introduced. Underneath all this is a stomping dance beat.

Description: Futuristic, special, particular ..for fans of the genre this is a cinematic track sci fi, robotic sounds, palsamtici effects, pads, sequences, rhythmic, spatial sounds, ufo, universe creatures, sci fi film and video games, excellent for its kind technological time travel, a journey into the future ..

Description: Upbeat instrumental dance track with multiple layers of piano, arpeggio trance sounds and strong bass line. Great for video game music or corporate presentation, trailer.

Description: Looping music for a battle or fight

Description: Magical and Medieval music, adventure theme, a dream Awakened Into the fantasy world of fairies

Description: Great UI sounds or video game sounds. Give your project some more character with theses SFX.

Description: A funny tune with a worried spirit. A whistling synth melody tells a tale of an uneasy spacey situation. Featuring synths, organ, pizzicatto strings. Perfect for cartoons and animation.

Description: Abandoned is the perfect music loop for exploring an interstellar space craft, galactic strong hold or any Sci-Fi based theme. Liquid synth sounds, lush pads and a touch of mystery. This music was written with Sci-Fi game development in mind.

Description: 8 Bit Music for your Youtube Viral Video! This chiptune epic is scary and filled with danger and adventure! Great for intro, outro, let's plays, background music, reviews, and so much more! For more awesome music check out the HeatleyBros Page!