Description: Large Paint Splat Comic Noisemakers

Description: Cinematic impact for trailers, movie/film or computer game. Also fits for cartoons/animation, radio, podcasts and any other audiovisual media. Useful as a transition effect as well

Description: Comical Liquid Gel Splat, Sci Fi Comic Liquid Accents

Description: Bubbling squelchy electronic synthesizer sizzling transitional stinger with delayed fade.

Description: Swoosh, 8 Versions; Digiffects; Space Whooshes, Swooshes & Warbles

Description: Short Rip Whoosh Space Whooshes, Swooshes & Warbles

Description: Big Airy Whoosh Magic, Spells, Fantasy Accents & Glisses

Description: fast whoosh, called a wipe, for video editing, movements, logos, flash, or animation.

Description: atmosphere of danger.

Description: Low Impact Rumble Spacecraft Interiors, Engines & Rumbles