Description: A slow & sensuous film noir jazz ballad with with piano, bass and drums with brushes.

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Description: This song is part of the album "Six String Jazz," released in 2010 under band Stefano Mora Electrio, features many melodies, solos, and bass lines played by 6-string bass. This is a new mix made ​​in 2016. Feat. M. Manzi on drums, M. Marrani on piano. Girotondo is the italian word for round dance.

Description: A classic Swing version of Jingle Bells! Full of Yuletide joy, Christmas spirit and that festive holiday feeling! Great for videos and visuals about Christmas time and X mas holidays. A cool jazzy swing version of this classical Christmas holiday festive tune!

Description: A laid back chilled piece of classic jazz straight from the jazz clubs and jazz bars of manhattan. A straight relaxing piece of modern fusion jazz blending some interesting rhythms and beautiful jazz harmonic changes!