Description: Slow Asian influenced instrumental with sitar, chime, and war horn.

Description: Synth bass sequence with powerful hits of orchestra and dramatic strings lines, while a flute performs the theme. A tribal rhythm gives a sense of escape from something. Ideal for a pre-Colombian scenario, full of drama but in modern key

Description: Fresh, sparkling and crisp new landscape, after a fall of snow. Icicles glistening in the watery sunshine. Main mix, atmos mix, 40 and 30 sec versions.

Description: Ambient and restful, yet apprehensive and uncertain, the constantly changing weather and seasons. Ideal of natural world, nature, or human emotion tv and documentary. Main mix, lite mix, 60, 30 and 12 sec versions

Description: Light and airy with marimba, kalimba, piano, ethnic percussion, (Udo, Djambe, talking drum), and subtle synthesizers. Feels like a walk through the rain forest.

Description: South American fell a la Motorcycle Diaries

Description: peaceful exotic ambient with fretless bass melody

Description: Starting with a low hum, this nautical-inspired cue has a feeling of weightlessness and light and dark mixing under the surface.