Description: Heroic and epic track. Big theme, powerful orchestra for the perfect hero track. Would work great in videogames, trailer, action, epic movie or history documentary

Description: This is a determined driving symphony soundtrack. Sincere hopeful strings, noble chimes, confident rousing snare drum march, powerful victorious brass, & strong empowering bass. Regal hearted & serious building with anticipation to a glorious, grandiose, & majestic sense of victory & proud freedom.

Description: This epic yet elegant composition was specifically composed with film, tv, and movie production in mind with a combination of orchestral and sound design that perfectly compliment each other.

Description: Epic trailer track with many orchestral instruments such as ethnic voice, brass, strings, flute and heavy drums, mixed with electronic synths. Epic staccato choir at the end, increases in loudness and intensity. Brings you the feeling of victory, glory and bravery in battle and in life. Instrumental, Action, Intense Orchestral

Description: This piece is perfect for a cinematic film or its trailer. Intense suspense! Even though the beat is pushed into the background, each instrument is intricately compressed and balanced to give it that cinematic strength and power.

Description: This epic and powerful track is perfect for an emotional advertisement, corporate project, film, video game, broadcast, marketing launching, YouTube and more. This is a long, two parts version of the item.

Description: Melodic and epic orchestral instrumental music. Bold, powerful and uplifting, Big, Dramatic, Drama, Motivational, Motivation, Success, YouTube, Music, Advertising, Advert, Commercial, Ad, Corporate, Orchestra, Instruments, Classical, Filmscore, Film, Score, Underscore, Background, Background Music, Trailer Music, Trailer, Emotional, Strings, Brass, Heroic, Hero, Glory

Description: An Epic Heroic Film Soundtrack with big orchestral instruments as staccato strings ensemble, epic brass, intense choir, piano and huge drum impacts. In a patriotic and triumph mood that conveys to victory of a battle. Dramatic, emotional, cinematic and intense. Time synced every 20sec. Track is suitable for film score, dramatic music, massive soundtrack, movie trailer, film soundrack, orchestral music, heroic story telling, patriotic middle era battles, ancient times, king's theme and epic slide shows.

Description: An intense positive emotional trailer song. Cinematic epic uplifting structure. Edgy and pushy choral female voice supported by dramatic piano chords, brass and stac strings.Brave, patriotic, heroic and dramatic.Suitable for commercials, film and movie trailers, documentary and video games. Motivational and Inspirational theme. Sad, sentimental melody conveys to an intense crescendo. Explosive Orchestral background music. Epic film soundtrack, cinematic trailer, heroic music, epic choir, Hybrid Trailer, Trailer Music.

Description: Cinematic, heroic and victorious dramatic music. Epic winning majestic musical theme with a grand climax. Ideal for stings, rpg, games, indents, advertising, computer games, trailer tracks and film scores. It could depict a superhero challenging his enemy or a sporting win. Music for a hero, or a heroine! Brass, Drums, Strings, Choir, Percussion, Orchestra, Orchestral Music. Intro, Power, Suspense, Aggressive and Triumphant. Battle, War, Army, Olympic, Jon Brooks. Dynamic and intense.