Description: An energetic track that features very dynamic drum rhythm and an ethnic voice that makes this track epic. Perfect for commercials, trailer, movies, documentaries, etc...

Description: an acoustic guitar instrumental that's kind of a folk blues combination with a little harmonica in the background.

Description: Epic orchestral piece. Simple glockenspiel expands into flowing strings. Hopeful and uplifting.

Description: The moving rousing & soaring strings are peaceful & calm yet intensely optimistic & uplifting. The searching piano & emotive harp are compelling & building. The smooth earthy organic percussion is breathtaking, lively & vibrant. Dreamy, soothing & serene yet empowering, captivating & thrilling.

Description: this 60 sec. instrumental is acoustic guitars playing a very laidback, contemplative piece. sitting by the riverbank watching the river flow.

Description: ambient film score with cool groove.

Description: a mid tempo groove, chord driven, and tasty lead work.

Description: a world-feel film score with cool percussion.

Description: oddtime large orchestra theme with heavy guitar and drums.

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