Description: This electronic orchestral underscore builds and climaxes with epic choirs, booming drums, brass rips and an underlying arpeggiated synth line. Very filmic, good for trailers, films and visuals that need a drive and set a powerful and emotive mood.

Description: Corporate logo with drums,special sound efects.

Description: wonderfull theme, masterful piece of music

Description: Magical and Medieval music, adventure theme, a dream Awakened Into the fantasy world of fairies

Description: Enter the abyss. A dark synthesis of darkness, very creepy and intense, sets the mood for a scary to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Clever and very intricate sound design.

Description: Mid Drones With Higher Vibing Creepy Hi-Tec Soundtrack, atmospheric ambient creepy hi-tec soundtrack bass & mid drones.

Description: Tense electronic cinematic track. Suspenseful and evolving with strong powerful drums, repetitive synths, and orchestral elements. Best for modern and futuristic thriller, sci fi impending action scenes and suspense and tension atmosphere in film, tv, and video game.

Description: Contemporary film score music with a high tech arrangement in the style and tradition of special effects driven blockbuster movie soundtracks. Epic electro-orchestral dramatic music designed for Sci-Fi films, super hero movies, modern war dramas and documentaries, movie trailers and video games.

Description: Sci Fi, Industry & Technology, Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Tension, Drama-Sci Fi, Suspense, Tension, Technological, Floating, Dreamy, Reflective, Mysterious, Mechanical, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Synth, with a Mid tempo

Description: Industry & Technology, Sci Fi, Drama, Drama-Adventure, Drama-Sci Fi, Technological, Celestial, Adventure, Mysterious, Dark, Futuristic, Ominous, Spacey, in a Adventurous, Mysterious mood, featuring Synth, Strings, with a Very Slow tempo