Description: Thunder, rain,Sound, Nature, fx Sound, Effect, Thunderstorm, Lightning, lightening, thunderbolt, Storm, Weather, roar, boom, big H, hell dust, nose drops, smack, skag, scag, roaring

Description: This was an awesome thunderhead straight above me when I recorded this. The lightning was something else also. Did not quit make it to a full storm but gave it one good try before dying out later on in the evening.

Description: This is a great Thunder clip from a summer time thunderstorm back in June 2011. This was an awesome storm as you might tell by this sound clip. This is an awesome clip.

Description: Series of long rumbling thunder claps over very heavy rain

Description: I revised this one to get out some sounds that did not go to well with this clip. Whole lot better now, Enjoy

Description: Very distant thunderstorm through a valley. Field recording.

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