Description: Funny music for children. Track can be used as the music for commercials, cartoons or at children’s parties.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. The musical composition with flute. It's medium, pop, easy listening, children's. The mood of music is: can't stop kidding, fooling around in a kindergarten.

Description: Quirky, comical light jazz theme. Ideal for cheesy magician, conjurer, mime artist and slapstick. Features Vibraphone, Double Bass, Clarinet and brush kit. Main mix, underscore, 60, 30 and 7sec versions

Description: uptempo marching theme,fantasy.

Description: Fun loop with piano and bells for games or children activity

Description: Rustic honky-tonk piano and xylophone blend together to create a sense of wooden surroundings or toys. Towards the middle of the track a more modern piano is introduced to add more melody to the piece, very useful for animals, kids or animation projects.

Description: Throw back funk cue, with brass band instruments.

Description: filmscore filmmusic playground.

Description: An uneasy orchestral throb with a Disney pirate feel suggesting impending doom.

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