Description: mountain stream, some birds in background.

Description: Water Flows Over And Down Rocks, Low Rumble, Medium POV.

Description: WATER NATURE RIVER: Rushing, medium distant, close intermittent water splashes.

Description: Stream; Large; Fast Running Large Stream.

Description: a big, big waterfall.

Description: Beautiful mother nature recorded in full stereo direct to digital. Beautiful water flowing stream, creek, and river. These sound recordings of nature are also used in my award winning music albums heard throughout the world in such places as Pandora, Sirius, Music Choice and others. The stereo field is especially brought to focus in my recordings.

Description: Countryside Sound Effects including running stream water, bees, birds and cows, loopable

Description: high quality upclose mountain stream running.

Description: high quality upclose recording of a deeper mountain stream.

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