Description: Wind; Heavy, Gusty Spinning Winds.

Description: Wind; Heavy Howl Or Moan In Cane Or Corn Fields With Light Wind Gusts.

Description: Rural Ambience; Light To Medium Wind Gusts In Trees With Light Bird Calls.

Description: Wind; Wind Howls And Gusts Through Cane Or Corn Fields.

Description: Rural Ambience; Medium To Heavy Wind Gusts In Trees With Light Birds In Distance.

Description: Wind; Interior Pov, Heavy Howls And Whistle In Lobby.

Description: Wind; Interior Pov, Whistley Cold Wind Gusts With Heavy Rattle.

Description: Wind; Interior Pov, Wind Gusts, Whistles And Heavy Rattles.

Description: Rain; Steady, Heavy Rain On Metal With Splash And Plops.

Description: Rain; Medium Rain Off Roof Hitting Cement.