Description: Lake Ambience In A City Park. Close Rowboat Paddles By With Oar Clunks And Splashes, Male Walla. Wind In Trees, Leaf Rustle, Distant Traffic Roar And Honks.

Description: Park - Suburban / Birds, Distant Traffic & Walla.

Description: Fast cars passing fast on a drawbridge, under a bridge.

Description: Traffic,Suburb,Car Bys,Calm

Description: Traffic,Suburb,Street Corner,Calm

Description: New York City, Manhattan: Heavy Traffic And City Rumble From 5Th Floor Overlooking City, Car Horns

Description: Traffic, Jam, Car Horns, City Environment, Ambience; Digiffects; Traffic Ambiences

Description: Underground Parking Garage: Light Ambience, Ventilation, Distant Cars, Light Hum, Heavy Rumble, Auto Miscellaneous Ambiences

Description: City Traffic Constant 1 - Medium shot some close passes - siren near start

Description: medium speed, steps, trolley, cars, tracks, buses, voices