Description: Wind and birds in Kauai island.

Description: Synthesized Jungle Background; High Frequency Bird Beeps And Low Frequency Robot Frogs With Oscillating Bubble Type Effect.

Description: Night Ambience 2; Heavy Bed Of Mid-range And High-pitched Crickets Hum And Chirp, Close Perspective; Active.

Description: Night Jungle Ambience 3; Heavy Bed Of Medium Distant, High-pitched Insects And Crickets; More Active Than Fx 12.

Description: Amazon Jungle Ambience 2; Bird Calls Medium And Distant Perspectives. Loud Insect Hum, Medium Distant. Tree Cracks And Falls Into Water Near Tail. [note; This Effect Has A Lot Of Out Of Phase Sign.

Description: Amazon Jungle Ambience 1; Bird Calls Medium And Distant Perspective. Distant Insect Hum With A Few Close Flying Insect Buzzes. Single Cricket Close Perspective; Active.

Description: Geese And Ducks In Pond, Medium Distant Perspective; Very Active.

Description: Birds Chirp, Close To Distant Perspective. Morning Dove, Insects, Dog Barks In Background; Active.

Description: Forest Ambience 3; Distant Birds And Frogs With A Few Close Bird Calls. Wind Through Grass / Trees.

Description: Forest Ambience 2 [special Mix]; Happy Bird Chirps And Calls, Close And Distant Perspective With Light Wind.