Description: Ambience of a downtown City, cars passing by, trains, people talking

Description: Moscow city ambience, underground pedestrian passage

Description: City ambience and commutertrain stereo - Recorded with Sony PDC D50

Description: Busy city street from underneath train viaduct, squealing brakes, car horns, occasional train passing overhead

Description: residential night, few cars passing by

Description: 1. - OUT (from INS) school - light rain - children - reverb - dream - small town 03.wav

Description: OUTSIDE AMB (from window INSIDE); courtyard school with light rain - children - light dream natural reverberation - small town FRANCE (non understandable)

Description: Sound of: morning town ambience - birds and urban noise

Description: Cathedral, Rio de Janeiro, Door entry, external view, front steps pedestrians

Description: Noisy distant big city hum with sirens