Description: Broad Street (medium busy) New York City external ambience (version 2) - people walking and talking with loud distant traffic and general city noise.

Description: Ambulance Passing W/ Siren , Emergency Vehicle Ambulances & Ambulance Sirens

Description: Town or city centre late at night - with busses and few people.

Description: Park, Traffic, Birds, Environment, Ambience; Digiffects; City & Urban Ambiences

Description: City street walla ambience Stockholm old town horse’s tourists mixed languages.

Description: City Park Ambience: Medium Crowd, Voices, Footsteps, Dogs; City & Urban Ambiences

Description: Ambience in office, equipment, phones, people talking.

Description: Christmas Street Scene: Traffic, Pedestrians, Music, Bells Ambience City & Urban Ambiences

Description: Binaural recording in a park in the city of Chicago. Lot of birds, not to much traffic

Description: Prostitute, Black Female, Flirts From The Sidewalk 12 Feet Away. Distant Traffic Roar.