Description: Boiling Liquid; Bubbles 2; A Rapid Liquid Boil; Consistency Of Water, Close Perspective.

Description: Airport Control Tower: Interior; Ventilation And Ac Ambience, Steady. Medium Perspective.

Description: Harbor Ambience, People, Some Clanks.

Description: Sewer Ambience - Streaming Water Or Underground Sewer Ambience.

Description: Car Exterior - Medium & Wet - By And Away.

Description: Dock Ambience ( Night ): Light To Heavy Boat And Dock Creaks W Harbor City Background, Near-hull Pov.

Description: Times Square, New York City ambience (version 1) - traffic and pedestrians close-by and in background – medium busy 7pm.

Description: Busy shopping mall interior ambience (version 3) lots of people inside shopping mall walking and talking.

Description: Supermarket carpark ambience - people walking with trolleys, people talking and distant traffic noise.

Description: City street walla ambience Stockholm subway entrance KTH violin player street musician.