Description: A happy and joyful song that features the drums, bass, organ and piano. This upbeat shuffle track is perfect for TV, radio, and web advertisements that need a positive and cheerful mood. Latin and scurry morning mood.

Description: This is a motivational and inspirational track featuring piano arpeggio, orchestral strings, pads and inspiring solo Cello. It starts with a piano melody and builds into a orchestral climax with solo cello. Great for corporate and business projects, presentations and more.

Description: Scary suspense, rhythmic synths and percussion with unearthly groove, changes into tension with orchestral strings, imminent threat, church bell and sudden fear,evil build up,gates to hell,

Description: Bouncy, mischievous piece, with pizzicato strings.

Description: Starts with explosive hollywood-styled braam sound effects and hit impacts that similar to inception's trailer song. Very intense, powerful, strong and heavy. The main instruments are epic strings ensemble, dramatic men and women choir, explosive rhythmic cinematic drums, sound design effects blending with melodic electronic sounds. Edgy and pushy powerful choir conveys the epic and powerful slow crescendo. Ideal for Cinematic Trailers, Epic Trailers, Dramatic Trailers, Blockbuster Trailers, Film Trailers, Action Trailers, Epic Soundtracks, Hollywood Movie Trailers, Modern Trailers, Sc-Fi Trailers, Horror Movie Trailers, Blockbuster Trailers, Hi-Technology Science Fiction Films. Instrumental, Action Intense Orchestral Music. Sounds similar to Two Steps From Hell and Steve Jablonsky's music.

Description: A poignant and melancholic solo piano piece which conveys feelings of sadness, mourning, regret and loneliness, with a hint of hope and optimism. Suitable for underscore for film, tv, documentary, and other visual media productions which need a lot of emotion. In the style of Max Richter, Ludovico Einaudi, Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds.

Description: A New Beginning is a cinematic piece with a modern four-on-the-floor beat for a bit of a futuristic / sci-fi feel. Suits adventurous parts of films, adverts, epic games. It also works really well in a corporate context. At 1:36 there is a breakdown with a beautiful cello solo.

Description: Epic and heroic matrix inspired orchestral music with an electronic touch. Feel the cinematic tension and determination build up to a climactic end. Atmospheric intro with a haunting female voice, huge drums, majestic horns/brass at the end, dramatic and fast, hectic string sections and explosive percussions combined with slick modern beats create the perfect soundtrack for serious, patriotic and heroic deeds