Description: Comedy, Comedy-Cartoon, Comedic, in a Playful mood, featuring Sax, with a Free tempo

Description: Sports, Comedy, Fun, Feel Good, Festive, Relaxed, in a Fun, Happy, Playful mood, featuring Organ, with a Mid tempo

Description: comedic, animation, fun, orchestral, light and fast flute melodies, fun and rhythmic marimba and kalimba

Description: fun pop, high energy, upbeat, heavy groove, quirky, robotic, fast motion, lots of hits, hand claps

Description: pop, fun, funky guitar, accordion, piano, energetic, light groove

Description: action, heavy guitar, and percussion hits throughout, high string line, low sequence moving under

Description: tension strings with percussion hit ending

Description: ska, guitar, brass, organ, high energy, groove, upbeat drums, fun, drum breakdown

Description: Witch Cry Lo. A scary and haunting horror atmosphere with element of thriller, 80s horror films, and haunting vibes. A very suspensful piece of mystery music that will have you on the edge of your seat! Dark, dangerous, deadly and creepy, full of tension, fear and suspense, great for horror films, crime tv shows and detective tv programs. A great piece of short scene change music, perfect to transition from one scene to the next, or to signify a certain point in a film or tv series. Great for video editors as small snippets of music to place over editing cuts and to get you from one location to the next. A great musical tool for all video editors and film makers.

Description: A single shot of a staccato Cello in the key of C Minor. Part of a range of Horror stabs (other keys available), perfect for accenting certain parts of your film, or for drawing attention to certain dynamic lifts. This particular horror shot is in the key of C Minor, so you can seamlessly blend your original sound track with additional audio content to raise and lower the tension without having to change the music.