Description: Killer Doorbell Ring, Nice Loud Ding Dong Ring Noise.

Description: light interior walla, courtroom, mostly male, light mvts, fairly close recording. Low key conversations.No excessive echo.

Description: Not whispering but mostly indistinct, somewhat subdued walla from a courtroom/hallway setting. Just a few voices mostly male voices in a fair size room as if talking business. Stereo. Some subtle movement to add texture.

Description: Background sound with quiet male and female voice. Largely indistinct. Some mvt and rustling. Stereo. Nice fill.

Description: Local Korean restaurant. Wait staff, customers, dishes, movements. No music.

Description: Busy sewing machine sweatshop. Lots of machinery. Stereo.

Description: Classroom activity without voices. Clean pencil, paper, pen movements. Stereo.

Description: Clean, steady, neutral feeling room tone. No traffic, air conditioning or movements. Live recording. High quality recording chain.

Description: No dialogue. Pencil, pen, paper light shuffles. Clean. Stereo.

Description: Large audience settles in with non distinct bg voices, light movements.