Description: Hi this is my new corporate tune. Track include synthesizer parts, epic drums, and violin parts. Perfect for art projects

Description: Smooth and building, featuring a bouncy drum groove, electric guitar and pulsing synth that create a cool and confident mood.

Description: Here is a corporate motivational track constructed with a relaxing groove that speaks about innovation and confidence.

Description: Exciting dance beat featuring exotic drums and synths

Description: A groovy house beat with soft string sounds and smooth synths.

Description: Electronic and over the top build up.Synthesizer lines build up. Perfect for gameshow, fashion or other competitions.

Description: Short fresh electro pop song. Energetic and optimisitc although a little melancholic track. There is something mysterious and poetic about this music.

Description: Pop/dance music bed with Kylie style background vocals, driving dance beats and synths, very sensual and upbeat. Alternate edits available on the site

Description: positive kind of dreamy trance track. electric guitar adds an indie touch.

Description: A Hip-Hop urban track followed by synth and beats. Suitable for dance projects, advert, commercials and more.