Description: a small shop air compressor running and then venting.

Description: the sound of a real air compressor.

Description: The sound of a piston in action. Great for hydraulic sounds!

Description: Pressurized Air Released Through Hose Air, Gases & Steam

Description: Diving, Air Compressor, Run Scuba Divers

Description: Air Conditioner, On, Off, Office; Digiffects; Large Household Appliances

Description: Gas, Valve, Air Pressure, Gas Leaking; Digiffects; Air, Gases & Steam

Description: Large Pressurized Whoosh Air Release Air, Gases & Steam

Description: Air Conditioner Or Heater: Wall Unit In Hotel Room: Start, Run, Shut Off, Heavy Room Rumble; Large Household Appliances

Description: Air, Pressure, Blow, Short, 6 Versions; Digiffects; Air, Gases & Steam

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