Description: Screams, Man, Version 1, Human; Digiffects; Screams & Yells; Male Only Human Voices

Description: Female: Scream, Comedy, Cartoon Comedy Cries, Screams & Yells

Description: Small group of screaming females.

Description: Human Scream Multiple Long Scared Male Fifty Year Old.

Description: Male screaming as he falls through a trap door.

Description: Female: Long Scream; Comedy Cries, Screams & Yells, Screams & Yells, Screeches & Screams

Description: Human, Scream Male Yells, Female Screams, Baby Screams, Children Screams; Digiffects; Screams & Yells

Description: Medium Mixed Crowd; Eerie Screaming And Running Away.

Description: Scream, Group, 2-3 children, high-pitched, short, distant, kids, males, females, girls, boys, human voice.