Description: Complete looping phrase at 105 bpm, a thought provoking piece characterised by high piano keys and deep sub-bass with a powerful breakbeat percussion line.

Description: Urban, Urban-Breakbeat, Sassy, Confident, Brassy, Funky, Urban, Hi Energy, Happy, Feel Good, Bold, in a Energetic mood, featuring Organ, Brass, Drums, Guitar, Electric, Bass, Synth, with a Fast tempo

Description: breakbeat remix from middle-eastern style source.

Description: breaks, breakbeat, dnb, drum, bass, street, rave

Description: strong tempo and moderately paced Industrial-electronica piece for movement scene

Description: Big, glitchy and cool breakbeat track with reverse-samples, a glitched up and time-stretched distorted live bass and a strong and powerful sense of confidence in its development. This interesting background instrumental is great for pushing visuals along and punching a hole through the speakers.

Description: breakbeat remix from middle-eastern style source. dig the moog bass solo.

Description: A funky freestyle break beat with solo Timbales

Description: This track by All Out was made in 2011. Breakbeat with emotional strings and piano. After than oldschool acid.